iPhone 13 could have fast charging at 25W

iPhone 13 potrebbe avere la ricarica veloce a 25W thumbnail

It seems that Apple want to increase the speed of fast charging by iPhone 13 I respect the current generation. In fact, the device arriving in early autumn should support the ricarica a 25W. But you have to keep buying the charger yourself.

iPhone 13 with 25W fast charging

iPhone 12 brought fast charging to 20W, which allows you to reduce the time attached to the socket quietly under the hour. They are not record speeds. But Apple doesn’t need to surprise its customers with lightning-fast reloads to sell their devices. Especially knowing that charging too fast, if not tested correctly, could reduce battery life of iPhones. And unlike most of its Android competitors, Apple also supports smartphones that are five or six years old. He’s in no hurry.


But from what emerges from some rumors in China, which would have had contacts with companies where batteries for iPhones are produced, it seems that there is a small improvement. Fast charging at 25W for 13 will not revolutionize the user experience for iPhones. But it will improve the charging speed. Many Android smartphones already support 25W charging, such as the Samsung Galaxy S21. And it seems that it is consolidating itself as the “minimum standard” for the top of the range. Although there are smartphones that do much better too.

The most interesting news at Apple this year will concern the screen. 120Hz refresh rate arrives (again, lagging behind its main rivals in the Android world). But that will also be LTPO. This should allow to support some features on the always-on display which however will not impact the autonomy.

As always, Apple moves a little slower than the Android world. But every year brings some news on the whole front. And it looks like this year isn’t limited to just 5W more charging speeds: there are many news to come.