iPhone 13: Deliveries have begun in the US

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Just two days after pre-orders began, Apple began deliveries of the first iPhone 13, according to the US UPS website. Unfortunately, however, the new model is unlikely to arrive before its official release date, set for September 24, given that in the Apple Store the devices are still marked “in preparation for delivery”.

iPhone 13: deliveries have started in the USA

Many US users have noticed that when checking the status of their order via the Apple Store Online or the Apple Store app, the iPhone 13 pre-order still appears as “in preparation for shipment“. However, this is not entirely true, because comparing this data with the UPS website it can be seen that many of the new models of Apple smartphones are already on their way to their new owners.

Not all iPhone 13s are already on their way though, and it is very likely that those already on delivery are also the same ones that require longer shipping times, which is why they were shipped well in advance. Since Apple won’t update its official website until the end of this week, UPS should be your best choice if you want to know exactly where your order is at any given time.

Again, keep in mind that yesJust because the orders are already shipping doesn’t mean your iPhone 13 will arrive early. Apple works closely with UPS and its other shipping partners to ensure packages arrive no earlier than the expected launch date, regardless of what the estimated date shown in UPS indicates. This year, that date is Friday, September 24th.

It is no coincidence that in most cases the expected delivery date remains fixed on this Friday.

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