iPhone 13: display oltre i 60 Hz solo per il Pro Max? thumbnail

iPhone 13: display above 60 Hz only for the Pro Max?

iPhone 13: display above 60 Hz only for the Pro Max?  thumbnail

Almost all new iPhone 13 models will be able to count on the “usual” 60 Hz display. The increase in the refresh rate of the display, now a reference for even mid-range Android smartphones, will be very limited in the new generation of iPhone. According to the latest rumors, in fact, only the new iPhone 13 Pro Max, the top of the range of the new generation, will have a display with refresh rate over 60 Hz. For the other three iPhone variants there will be a traditional display and an OLED panel.

iPhone 13: refresh rate above 60 Hz only for one variant

Only the new iPhone 13 Pro Max will be able to exceed 60 Hz as a refresh rate among the iPhone 13 range. According to a new report, in fact, the new iPhone 13, 13 Mini and 13 Pro will once again be limited to 60 Hz. Once again Apple may have opted for a “conservative” solution, postponing the large-scale adoption of the 120 Hz refresh rate to next year which, instead, will only be offered by the Pro Max.

Appointment on September 15th

More details on the iPhone 13 range will arrive in the next few days. The official presentation of the new smartphones, we remember, is set for the next one September 15. The news is official as the launch event was confirmed by Apple in the past few hours. The new range of smartphones from Apple will feature a large number of new features and the absence of the 120Hz refresh rate on almost all variants could go unnoticed. For sure, we will know more in the prosism days.

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