iPhone 13 in installments: with the offers of the operators you can save

iPhone 13 a rate: con le offerte degli operatori si può risparmiare thumbnail

A new survey released bySOStariffe.it Observatory confirms the possibility of save on buying a new iPhone 13 thanks to the offers of mobile phone operators that allow thepurchase in installments. In particular, according to the survey results, it is possible to save from a minimum of 6% to a maximum of 15% compared to the list price by choosing to buy an iPhone 13 (any variant, even the Pro) in installments.

iPhone 13 in installments: Save up to 15% with mobile phone provider offers

The cheapest installment iPhone model is iPhone 13 128 GB. According to the results of the survey by the SOStariffe.it Observatory, in fact, with this model it is possible to save on average 15% compared to the list price for savings on the total cost of almost 140 euros. The minimum saving is, however, linked to the purchase of the top of the range iPhone 13 Pro Max 512 GB. For this smartphone you get a saving of 6% on the price list, equal to about 106 euros.

Some models are cheaper now than at launch

The investigation also confirms that for some iPhone models it is now cheapercompared to the launch 6 months ago, focus on the purchase in installments. Once again, the biggest savings come from the iPhone 13 128 GB which records a cut of 30 euros in the total cost, now equal to 802 euros. Some models, on the other hand, cost more. Among these we find iPhone 13 Pro 256 GB (+53.76 euros of total expenditure) and iPhone 13 Pro Max 512 GB (+58.43 euros).