On Twitter comes a button to listen to the description of the photos

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The Twitter App continues to work to improve the user experience on the platform. In fact, in these days, an interesting update has been released that makes image recognition easier for blind and visually impaired users. Available for iOS and Android, this adds a button that allows you to hear information describing the photos shared on the App. But let’s find out more.

Twitter: App adds a useful option for visually impaired and blind users

After many months of work, the Twitter App finally adds an option that allows visually impaired and blind users to hear the description of an image. Thanks to tag “old”in fact, you can view the descriptive text hidden in the photos. Just add it to your images to ensure that even blind users can still know what they represent. Indeed, to favor creators, Twitter has even released a small guide that clearly explains how to add the button to photos.

First of all, it is necessary upload a photo within a tweet in order to view the option “add description“. At this point, you have to click on the item and add a descriptive text of 1000 characters. By doing so, the “alt” button will appear under the photo, which will allow you to view the descriptive text. Or even listen to it, in case you have a speech synthesizer at hand. An undoubtedly useful function, which at the moment is only available for 3% of users registered on Twitter. Of course, it is quite obvious that in the future the App intends to expand the possibility of use, but for now the release alone represents an important step forward.

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