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iPhone 13 will have a smaller notch

The new is awaited iPhone 13 will not change the design compared to last year’s model, if not in one detail: it will have a smaller notch. The confirmation comes from the first screen protectors, already in production ahead of the launch in mid-September.

iPhone 13: a smaller notch for the new Apple smartphone

Apple does not want its flagship smartphone, a concentrate of technology at an important price, to arrive on the market without any accessories. Protective covers and screens are part of the iPhone experience, without which some users may feel uncomfortable using the Apple smartphone. For this, before the presentation of his device, he begins to distribute the measures for these accessories. So that they are ready for the announcement of the iPhone 13, which should arrive on September 14th.

Yesterday, well in advance, one was released leaked photograph of a tempered glass screen for iPhone 13 and 13 Pro (which have the same size). Comparing the images of that photograph with the measurements of the iPhone 12, clear news emerges: ithe 13 notch is much smaller.

Only an experienced eye could notice the difference without having direct comparison. The new iPhone in the pipeline should be very similar to the 2020 model. But the difference in the size of the notch shows how Apple is working towards leave more and more space on the screen, with the possibility one day to put the sensor for the Face ID and the camera under the display.

For now, however, we will have to be content with having more space for status indicators and notifications at the top of the screen. At the moment we cannot know how the Apple has reduced the size of the notch. The two hypotheses concerning one different arrangement of sensors opticians, or the possibility of having speaker in the upper frame instead of on the screen.

Instead, the dimensions of the standard and Pro version of the iPhone 13 remain confirmed, which will again be 6.1 inches. The difference between the two will be that the Pro version should have a display Samsung LTPO OLED with variable refresh rate as far as 120Hz, for great fluidity.

We just have to wait until September 14 for the official announcement of the smartphone. We will keep you updated for any news.

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