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iPhone 14 may have even more RAM

In September Apple will reveal the new iPhone 14a device that promises several surprises: including ben 8GB in RAM. A figure that we often see on Android smartphones but unprecedented for iOS ones. However, it seems that Apple will only equip the iPhone 14 Pro with a lot of RAM.

iPhone 14 may have even more RAM

The information come from the Korean blog Naver, which reports the user’s indiscretion yeux1122. The blog has leaked some pretty accurate information about the iPad mini 6 in the past, and the leaker cites Apple’s “home supply chain sources” in Korea. And it says that iPhone 14 Pro will have 8GB of RAM, per equalize what Samsung did with the Galaxy S22.

Apple never wanted to compete with other manufacturers on RAM (many users will still remember the long time Apple persisted in providing only 1GB). Also because iOS works differently from Android and Apple has never felt the need. But Cupertin’s next smartphoneor it will increase the megapixel count of the camera and will bring new features of different kinds. Maybe 8GB of memory is needed for the upcoming hardware.


If the first source is not so reliable, the analyst Jeff Pu of Haitong International Securities appears to be of the same opinion. His reasoning starts from the assumption that Apple is bringing the screen Pro Motion and 6GB of RAM even on the base models iPhone 14 and 14 Max, the same features seen on the iPhone 13 Pro. If you left the RAM unchanged, it would seem to emphasize that the only difference with the Pro line is the camera. Instead, he doesn’t want it to be just like that.

iPhone 14 It will also revolutionize design with a pill-shaped selfie punch-hole, as well as bringing new cameras. In short, Apple is ready to change a lot with the next smartphone. Starting with RAM.

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