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iPhone 14, more autonomy thanks to the new 5G chip

The next iPhone 14 will have a chip 5G designed by Qualcommable to extend the durata battery. It should also allow the WiFi 6E connectivity for Apple’s smartphone. From next year, however, the 5G chip will be developed directly by Cupertino.

The new 5G chip will extend the battery of the iPhone 14

According to sources close to the Apple supplier TSMC to Economic Daily News, I will be the Taiwanese manufacturer to make Apple’s 5G chips. They will therefore replace the Samsung Foundry. According to the source, Apple has chosen a chip for its smartphone arriving in September Snapdragon X65 Of Qualcomm. A module that uses the 6 nanometer process to make chips 5G radio frequency (RF).

The 6-nanometer 5G RF technology is expected to deliver performance with less energy demands, both in the range hisb-6GHz than in millimeter wavesthe two standard frequencies for 5G.

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In addition to reducing energy expenditure, the chip should also be smaller in size, freeing up some cubic millimeter of space inside the device. This should allow Apple to enlarge, albeit slightly, the battery size.

The RF receiver should also receive the frequencies of Wi-Fi 6E, supporting the new standard for wireless connection. This should allow, with a suitable repeater, to reduce latency and increase performancefreeing up space of the 2.4 and 5GHz frequencies.

From 2023 on the other hand it seems that Apple wants to start produce your own 5G chip, probably always relying on the foundries of TSMC.

The news concerns the Qualcomm chip confirms the start of production for the tests of the iPhone 14 Pro, which will be assembled by Foxconn. Cupertino’s new smartphone is expected to arrive in early September 2022.

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