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iPhone 14 Pro in the benchmarks beats the last generation, but by little

Apple has proclaimed the new iPhone 14 Pro the most powerful smartphone in the world, ei benchmark on the new chip A16 Bionic seem to confirm this. But the results do not seem so far from those of the iPhone 13 Pro, which remains very close in the rankings. Despite the transition to the 4-nanometer process.

iPhone 14 Pro wins in the benchmarks, but the 13 Pro stays very close

A benchmark for iPhone15,3, which is none other than the new iPhone 14 Pro just announced by Apple. The results are undoubtedly top of the class. In fact, on the single core he scored 1879while the multi-core result is 4664.

Excellent results in fact, but not so far from what iPhone 13 Pro he had scored last year. In fact with 1707 in single-core e 4659 in multi-core, it is very close indeed. Especially for the multi-core result, practically unchanged.

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The new chip A16 Bionic it is the first that Apple uses to be based on the 4-nanometer process. While A15 is based on the 5nm one they also use M1 and M2 that we see in Macs and some iPads.

However, these results only signal the computational power of the chip, which Apple has called “the fastest ever in a smartphone” (albeit slightly). But the Apple promises 50% higher bandwidth on graphically more stressful games. And then A16 ha una Neural Engine da 16 core that promises advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. While I CPU cores are 6, like the previous generation.

So although the first benchmarks don’t make the generational step feel, the graphical ones could be different. And above all we could exploit nnew smart features for photography and more. In short: beyond the benchmarks, we will have to try them to get an idea of ​​how powerful the new Pro is.

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