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IPhone 14 Pro performance estimates revealed

According to the rumors circulating on the Net, the new iPhone 14 Pro will be equipped with the chip A16, which means it will perform significantly better than standard models. In fact, many industry experts have already begun to hypothesize what the smartphone’s performance will be. And they have raised our expectations for the new series from Apple considerably. Let’s find out why.

iPhone 14 Pro: Apple’s top-of-the-range performance

The provision of the A16 chip greatly improves the performance of the iPhone 14 Pro, also thanks to the NP4 manufacturing process. And as it relates Jason Cross from Macworld, “N4P delivers an 11% performance increase. A 22% energy efficiency improvement and 6% density improvement over the original 5nm ‘N5’ manufacturing process. Apparently, however, the memory will be faster of the previous model. The Pro model will in fact have an upgrade from LPDDR4 to LPDDR5, which is the faster memory used by Apple in the M1 Pro and Max chips. And that’s not all.

As Cross reports, “We think it’s reasonable to expect a 25% to 30% improvement in GPU performance, roughly in line with the latest A-series processors. memory bandwidth “. Apparently, in fact, the new iPhone 14 Pro will have to have features capable of supporting a 48 MP camera. “This new camera will likely require a much more powerful image signal processor and Neural Engine (the dedicated hardware for AI and machine learning tasks). I’m sure Apple would like to improve on the cinematic mode introduced with the iPhone 13 Pro. It is currently limited to 1080p, for example, but an increase to 4K would require more image processing power. So also the most natural artificial bokeh or the tracking of multiple subjects. All good reasons why Apple has seriously upgraded the image processor and the Neural Engine “.

And then again: “The transition from LPDDR4x to LPDDR5 will improve memory bandwidth by up to 50% and should also have a positive impact on energy efficiency. This in itself does not make any tasks faster, it just offers more space for high-bandwidth operations such as 3D graphics and image / video processing ”. In short, the iPhone 14 Pro will give us great surprises. But we already expected this.

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