iPhone 14 Pro: this is how much the Always On Display consumes

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The function Always On Display it is one of main news of the iPhone 14 Pro e Pro Max and allows, after several years, Apple to make available to its users a function that has already been available for some time on competing smartphones. As known, the presence of an always active display affects the battery life. A test reveals the actual impact of this function.

iPhone 14 Pro Max: this is how much the Always On Display affects the battery

According to the test carried out by PhoneBuff, the impact on the battery from the Always On Display for iPhone 14 Pro Max is really limited. Depending on the chosen mode (with or without background), theAlways On Display accounts for 0.6-0.8% per hour of battery consumption.

It is, therefore, an ivery low impact on the overall battery life of the iPhone 14. Even keeping the Always On Display function active for 24 consecutive hours, in fact, the consumption would be less than 20% of the total charge.

For users, therefore, there is the possibility of use this function of Apple smartphones in a free way and without fear of finding yourself without charge. Also considering the considerable advantages guaranteed by the Always On Display, in fact, for users to take full advantage of the possibility of following notifications with the display off is certainly a plus.