iPhone 14 Pro, unboxing video before official launch

Apple presenta i nuovi iPhone 14 Pro e Pro Max thumbnail

There are only two days left for the start of shipments of the new smartphones of Applebut someone has already got their hands on iPhone 14 Pro to turn the first unboxing video. It is not clear how he got it, but they are the first “live” images of the new iPhone and Dynamic Island.

iPhone 14 Pro, the unboxing video debuts before the official launch

L’account Twitter DuanRai preview iPhone 14 Pro in the hands of a mysterious person. We will never know, in all likelihood, who was able to get their hands on the new iPhone. But there is a high probability that it is part of the Apple distribution chain.

We see the person turn on the device to show the Dynamic Island, the new interactive Apple notch. And let’s see the color Viola debuting on this new iPhone series. Below is the video, uploaded to YouTube.

The demonstration remains limited by the fact that it was not possible to activate it: Apple could have quickly traced back to who did what, technically, could be processed as a theft. But there is enough to have a first glimpse of the iPhone 14 Pro in the “real world”.

Even those who do not want to risk running into Cupertino’s wrath will not have to wait long for the new iPhone, especially if they have made a request as soon as the presales are open. But seeing that Apple Store has had some problems to process purchases, it may take a little longer than usual.

But the new iPhones have arrived and soon we will be able to take advantage of the new one 48MP camera, new software, super-brightness and long-lasting battery. Have you already ordered the new iPhones? Tell us in the comments.