iPhone 14: ritardi nella produzione sempre più probabili thumbnail

iPhone 14: Production is delayed

iPhone 14: production delays increasingly probable thumbnail

Il commercial debut of the new iPhone 14 could be conditioned by the pandemic and the new wave of infections in China. The closures of the production plants due to the various lockdowns wanted by the Chinese government, in fact, risk significantly affecting the start times of the production of the new iPhone 14, causing reduced availability at launch. The delay in the production of the new iPhones is increasingly likely. Here’s what’s going on:

The production of the iPhone 14 could start late

According to the latest rumors, Foxconnmain assembler of Apple’s iPhones, it would stop hiring seasonal employees which, as every year, are launched near the start of production of the new generation of Apple smartphones. Confirmation came from SCMP. In recent days, Apple had asked Foxconn, which covers about 80% of iPhone production, to speed up production work and the hiring of new staff in view of a possible production halt due to new lockdowns.

Lockdown for employees?

Among the solutions to be adopted for the management of the production of the iPhone 14, Foxconn would be evaluating the creation of a real “bubble”. For employees, there would be a lockdown inside the plant, which also includes dormitories and recreational facilities. In this way, production could continue apace for as long as it takes to ensure sufficient inventory for Apple.

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