iPhone 14 without notch?  Could arrive this year thumbnail

iPhone 14 without notch? It is possible according to a well-known analyst

iPhone 14 without notch?  Could arrive this year thumbnail

Apple is planning to replace the notch in some models of iPhone 14 that will be launched this year: iPhone 14 Pro e 14 Pro Max they would then be destined to get a design that features a cutout, which will house some essential elements of the phone such as Face ID and a second hole for the selfie camera. Let’s take a look at all the information available to us.

iPhone 14 without notch? Coming this year

We have heard this rumor several times in the past, but the analyst Ross Young today he reiterated his expectations for the range “iPhone 14” and provided a great deal of detail on what’s to come in the future. The combination of ‌Face ID‌ cutout coupled with the camera cutout will be roughly the same width as the notch, according to Young, but will be strong in having a few extra pixels above the holes.

After implementing the new design in the ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ models, Young believes that Apple will expand it to the full range of iPhone 15s in 2023, bringing this updated look to the low-cost ‌iPhone‌ 15 options as well. Young also said there is a possibility these cutouts could get smaller in 2023 freeing up even more display space.

Quoting the leaks on the Chinese social network Weibo, Young speculates that the camera cutout in the “iPhone 14” could measure 5.631mm. Apple actually plans to replace ‌Face ID‌ with a sensor under the smartphone panel, which obviously would not need a dedicated cutout for this hardware component, but the technology to implement this improvement is still under development.

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