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iPhone 15 and 15 Pro, first rumors about the next Apple smartphone

Most Apple users have been testing the new iPhone 14 for less than a month. Bad rumors are iPhone 15 e iPhone 15 Pro already begin to circulate: here are all the news that the insiders are talking about. And if it is true that everything could change within next year, in Cupertino the decision-making process on the smartphone next year seems to be well underway.

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro: the first rumors about the next smartphone from Apple

A first confirmation from Apple seems to concern the size of the iPhones announced two months ago. The 5.4-inch ‘mini’ version is now history: the new formats remain confirmed. iPhone 15 and 15 Pro will have a diagonal of the screen 6.1 inchwhile the Plus and Pro Max version (which perhaps could be called Ultra) instead arrive to 6.7 in.

A few millimeters in size or gram of mass may vary due to slightly different hardware. But it looks like the overall style and appearance will remain pretty much the same. The only novelty, perhaps, for the Pro and Pro Max models: instead of classic buttonsvolume and release will have a ‘solid state’ design, seeming to be one with the body.

The screen: Dynamic Island also arrives for the ‘basic’ iPhones

For the basic and Plus version of the iPhone 15, the first rumors speak of a clear evolution: the same that this year the Pro and Pro Max models have experienced. Dynamic Island, abandoning the notch altogether. The integration of software and hardware features will make reading notifications and multitasking more interesting.

But the basic models shouldn’t receive also two other interesting news already arrived on the ‘older brothers’. The first is there LPTO technology second generation, which allows a variable refresh up to 1Hz. This will allow you to use a display alwayson (which shows for example the time, notifications and other details) without consuming battery. The second novelty concerns the refresh rate fino a 120Hz. Apple’s ProMotion seems to remain the prerogative of the Pro and Pro Max models.

iphone 14 pro max pre-vendite

No news coming instead for the Pro and Pro Max models (already a lot of updates in the last two years).

Will Apple Switch to USB-C?

The new European regulations will require ad Apple using the USB-C input for recharging by 2025. But even considering the higher data transfer and recharging speeds, it seems that Apple will be able to adopt this novelty as early as next year.

The rumors are not all in agreement, but it seems iPhone 15 will say goodbye to the Lightning cable across the board.

Performance and new chips

A decision made by Apple this year is about chips: iPhone 14 e iPhone 14 Plus they used the same chips as last year, the A15 Bionic. La Mela is expected to update these models next year toA16 Bionicthe one currently used by the Pro models.

Instead iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max (or Ultra), according to rumors, should adopt a new chip with 3 nanometer process, instead of the current 4 margin no. This should greatly improve the performance of the A17 Bionic, including in terms of battery life.

IPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro rumors: the camera

iPhone 15 ultra video 8k min

The base models of Apple’s upcoming smartphones shouldn’t change the camera setup much, with two rear 12MP sensors and one TrueDepth selfie. But perhaps some hardware changes could come in the software, taking advantage of new features such as the Photonic Engine presented this year. No revolution in sight, but improvements that we will be able to discover in the coming months: at the moment there is little information.

As for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models, the first rumors spoke of a sensor with 8P optics, therefore with more elements in the lens. Instead, it seems that Apple is aiming to update the camera only with the model of 2024. We should therefore remain on the same 48MP camera presented this year.

But maybe creators who leverage iPhone will be able to use for the first time a periscope viewwhich allows optical zoom up to 5x. It is not yet clear the quality of this element, which other companies such as Samsung have been using for several years now. However, between the end of this year and the beginning of the next, we should have more detailed information on this element.

These are currently the most credible rumors for iPhone 15 and the whole range, which should also see iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. Which however could called Ultra, as is the case with other Apple products (e.g. Apple Watch). We will keep you updated for more precise details in the coming months. But as always, the certainty will come only next September.

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