iPhone 15 Pro: Apple has already chosen who will produce the periscope sensor

Apple ha già scelto il fornitore del sensore periscopico degli iPhone 15 Pro thumbnail

Paris, France – Sep 27, 2019: Close-up image of elegant young woman holding latest Apple Computers iPhone 11 Pro with triple-camera using smartphone in business living room sofa

Apple goes ahead and would have already identified the supplier to contact for the periscope sensor to be mounted on the iPhone 15 Pro arriving in the fall of 2023, in about a year and a half. The news has not yet been officially confirmed but comes from a very authoritative source. Here are all the details:

The new iPhone 15 Pro will have a periscope sensor and Apple has already chosen the supplier

As reported by the magazine coreano The Elec, Sara Jahwa Electronics, a South Korean company specializing in electronic components, has been involved in the creation of the periscope sensor of the cameras of the new iPhone 15 Pro arriving on the market in the autumn of 2023. The company has started an important investment for the construction of new systems with the aim of to create actuators able to combine OIS and focusing system. Recall that the latest rumors confirm the absence of the periscope sensor among the specifications of the new iPhone 14 Pro that will debut this year. The project is postponed to next year and to the new 15 Pro.

Production with dedicated lines

Apple will require the Korean company, a new constructive partner, of create dedicated lines for the creation of periscope sensors for future iPhones. The intervention will take several months and the production will be able to start only after the OK by the Cupertino house which will have to verify the effectiveness of the solutions produced by the partner. More details will arrive over the next few months.