iPhone 15 Pro is shown in the first renders

iPhone 15 Pro si mostra nei primi render thumbnail

The first leaked online render Of iPhone 15 Pro, the smartphone that Apple is expected to launch this fall. The images appear to be based on of CAD files that seem to come out of the factories build the iPhone cases in China.

iPhone 15 Pro, here are the first renderings

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The scoop comes from 9to5Mac, which developed the renders starting from leaked CAD files from China. In fact, usually the Apple shares the design of their smartphones with manufacturers of covers and accessories, so they are ready to launch their own products compatible with the latest iPhones.

These files in particular show some changes for the next iPhones, which shouldn’t be momentous, however. We’re talking thinner bezels and a more rounded design. But the big difference is the lack of a Ligthtning cable and the presence of USB-C ports.

Apple would therefore be ready to change the charging port of its iPhones for the first time since 2012. This could derive from pressure from the European Union, which has been pushing for a common charging standard for all smartphones and devices. Although the benefit will be also in the speed of file transfer and charging.

Otherwise, we see minor changes. In particular, greater curvature on the corners of the smartphone, even thinner edges. And then a slightly wider camera framebut with the three sensors arranged in the same way as the iPhone 14 Pro.

On the side of the phone some changes, such as i volume controls that feel like capacitive rather than physical buttons.

Renderings deriving from CAD files cannot be 100% accurate, so there may be further news before the release – usually in September – of the new iPhones. But give us one good idea of ​​what to expect from Apple’s next smartphone.

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