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iPhone 15 Pro will have a low energy chip, which will always be on

L’iPhone 15 Pro e Pro Max they will be the first smartphones from Apple to use an innovative low energy chips which will keep Some functions are active even when the device is turned off or the battery is low.

iPhone 15 Pro, a low-energy chip that never shuts down

The very low energy microprocessor takes care of managing communications Bluetooth LE e Ultra Wideband, in addition to detecting the pressing solid-state capacitive buttons. These buttons are new to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max and replace traditional physical buttonsi with sensors that simulate tactile feedback thanks to the Taptic Engine.

The advantages of capacitive buttons are many. For example, I am more resistant to wear and water, they take up less internal space and offer greater customization. Indeed, it seems that they will be able to recognize different levels of pressure and to activate different actions depending on the context. For example, you can use the “action” button to turn silent mode on or off. Or to quickly access settings or notifications.

iPhone 15 Wi Fi 6E

The capacitive buttons will also work when the iPhone is turned off or the battery is low. This will allow, for example, to use the “action” button to activate emergency mode or to send an SOS. And if you want to pay with Apple Pay, just bring the phone close to the terminal and press the power button. Without having to unlock your device or open the Wallet app.

These functions are made possible by the very low energy microprocessor. Which consumes very little battery and allows you to keep your iPhone alive even when it seems off. Maybe even to locate the phone via Where is it in case of loss or theft, or to receive important notifications such as calls or messages.

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will therefore be the first smartphones to offer a vera esperienza “always on”. Or at least this is what the rumors say: we will really know only next September, when the announcements from Cupertino arrive.

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