iPhone 16: Face ID integrated into the display but the camera has to wait

iPhone 16: Face ID integrato nel display ma per la fotocamera c'è da aspettare thumbnail

For now they are just rumors, but iPhone 16 Pro e iPhone 18 Pro could bring interesting news, such as Face ID and camera hidden under the display.

Upcoming iPhones could hide Face ID and camera

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Although the aesthetics of the iPhone displays have improved over the years, according to the famous analyst Ross Young the future iPhone 16 Pro and 18 Pro could go one step further, presenting Face ID and camera hidden directly below the screen.

Going in chronological order, in 2024 the iPhone 16 will present Face ID under the screen, while for the camera we will have to wait for 2026, with the iPhone 18. However, this feature will only be the prerogative of the Pro models, potentially confirming Apple’s willingness to develop above all the premium range.

The reason for initially focusing on Face ID instead of the camera could lie in the fact that, for the multinational, it shouldn’t be too complicated to find the technologies necessary to allow external light to penetrate the screen and thus hit the camera system TrueDepht.

Furthermore, Apple has been working on this new system for a while, so everything suggests that a similar upgrade is now running out in terms of experimentation.

This belief was born above all after the publication of a new report from the site The Elec, which would confirm what Ross Young said. In reality, already last year there were rumors of an iPhone 16 with the characteristics that today would seem to be increasingly consolidated, but of course, until there is confirmation from Apple, what has been said up to now is and remains a simple speculation.

How to while away the wait? Definitely waiting for the new one to come out iPhone 15which should take place not before the end of summer or the beginning of autumn, bringing with it a new smartphone on which Apple would seem to want to bet everything for the Pro line.

Among the expected innovations, in addition to the iPhone 15, the multinational should also launch its own on the market first headset for augmented reality.

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