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iPhone SE 4 could be canceled or pushed back to 2024

The new iPhone SE 4 will not arrive next year as expected: it seems that Apple postponed it to 2024 or even canceled its production. Cupertino does not seem satisfied with sales and with production problems slowing the release of more coveted products, it seems to want to put aside the cheapest version of iPhone.

iPhone SE 4 canceled or postponed to 2024

The news comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, which explains that Apple “will likely cancel or postpone mass production of the iPhone SE 4 to 2024.” According to the analyst, the main problem is the low demand for products “entry-level” for the iOS system (which have medium-high Android prices). After closing the series iPhone miniApple also seems dissatisfied with iPhone 14 Plus, which is not selling as well as hoped. iPhone SE is collecting even less success.

The mid-range market in recent years is where Android shines, with products like the basic Google Pixels shining for software, while several products made in China have batteries and level performance. iPhone SE tries to surprise with its superlative chip, but the single camera and the screen 4.7 inch LCD they didn’t convince too much.

It also doesn’t help that the price gap isn’t high with Apple’s two-year-old models. In the USA, for example, iPhone SE 3 costs 439 dollars and iPhone 12 costs 599. In Italy, on the other hand, the iPhone SE costs 559 euros while the iPhone 12 costs 839 euros, justifying the purchase more. Even if with refurbished products the difference narrows.

But in general, it seems that iPhone users prefer the more expensive versions and with the latest technologies, especially photographic ones. In fact, the best-selling models this year are the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. With users who come to wait up to a month by ordering from the site, given the delays in production linked to the lockdowns in China.

It therefore seems that Apple wants to focus on the most requested products, postponing the launch of the iPhone SE 4 to 2024. With the possibility that the next model, based on the design of the iPhone XR and with the 6.1-inch screen, could even be canceled .

Apple also plans to reduce “unnecessary new product development” to prepare for a possible recession in 2023, according to Kuo.

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