iPhone SE, in 2023 the 5.7-inch version

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The fourth generation of iPhone SE could arrive sooner than expected: the 5.7-inch model based on the design of the iPhone XS could debut in 2023. This year, however, an updated version should arrive but with the old design, called iPhone SE+ 5G.

iPhone SE in 2023 changes design and size

According to the display expert Ross Young, rather reliable source when it comes to the world of Apple and beyond, we will have new iPhone SE two years in a row. In fact, this year the version based on the iPhone 8 should arrive again. But with the new one chip A15 seen for the latest smartphone models. And with also the 5G support.

Instead in 2023 (instead of 2024 as previously expected) the new model should arrive, based on the design of the iPhone XS. Therefore no Touch ID, but full-screen design with notch. Furthermore, Young confirms that he will be from 5.7 in, when it was previously thought it could reach up to 6.1 inches diagonal.

In addition to announcing the news for next year’s model, Ross Young also talks about the fact that the model arriving this year is expected to change its name. It would indeed iPhone SE+ 5G. A particular name, since Apple has usually reserved the ‘+’ symbol only for its services, not for new product versions.

These news are however only confirmed by the well-informed Young, ma could be wrong. Not only that: Apple could change its mind at any stage of development. It wouldn’t be that unusual.

The first model of the iPhone SE (+) 5G is expected to debut in the first Apple event of the year. That Cupertino has not yet fixed, but we expect between the end of March and the first days of April. We will keep you updated on further news.

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