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IPhone to Android chat transfer is now available on all Pixels

IPhone to Android chat transfer is now available on all Pixel thumbnails

Google recently announced that the chat history transfer function from WhatsApp iPhone to Android is now available on all smartphone Pixel. It was also revealed that “it will become available on new smartphones that will come out with Android 12”. The feature was already available for phones Samsung but now it will pay off the transition from iOS to Android even easier, as you won’t have to give up your messaging history. Here are all the details.

WhatsApp Chat Transfer: Now available on Pixel smartphones

whatsapp pixel chat transfer

The process should be relatively simple, as long as you have WhatsApp updated both on your iPhone and on your new Android phone. Also make sure you have a cable from USB-C a Lightning handy. Google has revealed that when setting up your new Android phone, you will be prompted to scan a QR code with your iPhone.

This will allow you to start the transfer process.

Furthermore, Google has stated that your iPhone will not receive any WhatsApp messages while the transfer process is active. This means that you will not risk losing new messages during the transfer.

Google also revealed that the OEM phone can add support for when function update their phones to Android 12, so it is possible that everyone who owns a smartphone with Android 11 will receive this feature when the system updates to 12.

The company wants to offer users a simple and effective experience. For this he revealed that he is working with phone manufacturers to ensure that smartphones that will ship to market with Android 12 support chat transfers.

For more information, you can consult the official Google Pixel website.

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