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iPhones will become smart home displays with iOS 17

Con iOS 17The iPhone they will also make themselves very useful from blocked: in fact, they will become real ones display for smart home. Not only will you be able to manage the various devices, but you will have an interface with dedicated widgets.

iPhones will become smart home displays with iOS 17

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple plans to roll out a new feature with iOS 17 that will turn locked iPhones into smart home screens. The interface will display useful information such as the calendar, weather and notifications when the phone is locked and placed horizontally.

Gurman says the interface will be ssimilar to that of smart home devices from Google and Amazon. The purpose of the reported feature is to make iPhones more functional when not in use and they are placed on a desk or coffee table. The feature will use a dark background with light text to make it easier to read from a distance.

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Apple’s lock screen widgets, introduced last year with iOS 16, will be featured in this new feature. Although, at the moment, it seems that this novelty will only arrive on iPhone and not on iPad, which many users already use to manage the smart home. Although everything could change in the near future.

This will be just one of the new features of iOS 17. Others involve an app for journaling and writing down your thoughts, news for SharePlay e AirPlay, but also for the Wallet and more. We will find out everything (or almost) on June 5, when Apple will announce the news at WWDC 2023.

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