IPhones will cost over $ 6,000 by 2032

Gli iPhone costeranno oltre 6000 dollari entro il 2032 thumbnail

We know that the average price of smartphones is constantly increasing. Yet seven years ago no one would have thought they could spend up to $ 1000 on a high-end phone. At present, however, this is the market trend. Not surprisingly, some foldable smartphones cost over $ 2,000. And this may not be the highest price on the industry market. According to Mozillionindeed, by 2032 Apple’s flagship iPhones could cost too much over 6000 dollars.

Apple iPhone: by 2032 the selling price will increase exponentially

When it comes to rising smartphone prices, it’s almost impossible not to mention Apple. In 2017 the Cupertino company released theiPhone X per $ 999, earning the distinction of such an expensive – and successful – smartphone released on the market. A sort of forerunner for expensive phones, which were then also launched by Samsung and Sony, as well as Oppo and Xiaomi. Therefore, by studying the market trend of the last 10 years Mozillion has been able to make a forecast for what will be the next decade.

According to the research, the price of the iPhone went from $ 199 in 2012 (iPhone 5) to $ 1099 (iPhone 13 Pro Max) in 2021. 452% price increase. Therefore, if this trend continues over the next 10 years, the 2032 flagship iPhone will cost $ 6069. However, a fact check reveals that the launch price of the iPhone 5 in 2012 was $ 649. And comparing that figure to the $ 1099 of the iPhone 13 Pro Max shows a 69.5% increase. Therefore, following this trend, by 2032 the flagship iPhone is expected to cost less than $ 2000. A rather remarkable figure, which however follows the growth in prices of the sector market.

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