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Is a video game dedicated to Shiba Inu Coin coming?

Shiba Inu Coin may soon have an official video game. The confirmation came from the Twitter account of Shytoshi Kusama, who leads the Shiba Inu project. According to what was revealed, the game will be unveiled in the course of tomorrow and will see the involvement of an AAA studio, or a large team with a leading role in the videogame industry. The presence of the hashtag #mobilegaming in Shytoshi Kusama’s twitter confirms that the project should be dedicated to mobile devices. The project could potentially take different forms and it will be necessary to wait for the official announcement to find out more.

Is a Shiba Inu Coin Game Really Coming?

The project has been at the center of rumors for some time already even if, until now, no official confirmation had ever arrived. The expected confirmations and new details on the project destined to debut on mobile devices should arrive tomorrow.

In the long run, the new Shiba Inu Coin game could have a bullish effect for cryptocurrency although it may be necessary to wait for the arrival of all the details or the completion of the development of the project to have a real effect.

After the recent difficulties, Shiba Inu Coin seems to have taken the right path and the new videogame project could be a confirmation of this. We will see what the developments will be over the next few hours.

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