Is Iliad going to buy Tim? The rumor

Iliad compra Tim? Potrebbe succedere, secondo un'indiscrezione thumbnail

New for Iliad: the telephone company would be interested in acquiring the consumer division of Timto further expand yours services. At the moment this is only an indiscretion, but that was enough to make the company’s stock bounce; on the other hand it is a plausible rumor, given that Iliad has already shown interest in Vodafone in the past.

Does Iliad want to buy Tim?

At the moment neither of the two companies have commented on these rumors, but it is a solid hypothesis according to how industry experts are moving. Not only, however, Iliad has shown itself to be very interested in Vodafonebut the operation is currently underway Iliad WindTrewhich should create a 50% equal Newco.

This time, however, Iliad would not be joined by Apax in its proposal, as had instead happened with the Vodafone case, but the latter seems instead very interested in one of the two companies born from the spin-off of Tim, or SerCo, part of the division that Iliad is aiming for. It is therefore not clear what the exact dynamics of the current proposal would be.

That Iliad may actually have made an acquisition proposal to Tim is very likely, however, and shows itself in line with the strategy that the fierce telephone company has been pursuing for a few years now. Whether it is true or not, however, we will find out only through an official communication, which could come at any moment.