Is Lenovo designing laptops with the new NVIDIA RTX 30?

The company Lenovo he is really planning laptops with the new graphics cards NVIDIA RTX 30?

The launch of the new graphics cards NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060, 3070 e 3080 for laptops hasn’t left its mark on the consumer market. Fans of the brand and their graphics cards were unenthusiastic, given the low performance compared to their counterparts Desktop, in turn more powerful and efficient in terms of performance.

Various rumors and rumors indicate that NVIDIA is preparing some updates of the GPU mobile concerning the new ones RTX 30.

Is Lenovo designing laptops with the new NVIDIA RTX 30?

Alleged specifications of the new Lenovo laptop.

A particular and mysterious internal document of the company Lenovo rumors the technical specifications of an upcoming gaming laptop. As we can glimpse from the image, the specifications of the company’s alleged new laptop are not bad at all: a Intel Core I7 o I9, the main tabs NVIDIA of the series RTX 30(note how the model RTX 3080 has 16 GB of RAM) branded “Super”, a SSD fourth generation and a display FULL HD. As we all know, the RTX 30 series it is very difficult to find, given the lack of semiconductors and many other materials needed for the assembly of video cards.

Is Lenovo designing laptops with the new NVIDIA RTX 30?

A table regarding the new RTX SERIES 30 in the Mobile field.

Above you can read the various specifications of all the new ones RTX 30 from NVIDIA with the denomination Mobile. One thing is certainly certain: the video card market is in absolute difficulty, thanks to the pandemic and the consequent shortage of materials.

The new RTX 30 they will not have an easy life, and, if this continues, especially new buyers. We, as always, will update you on all the news regarding Lenovo and series graphics cards RTX 30 from NVIDIA(if anything, they are found on the global market). Continue to follow us on for all the news regarding the hardware world and much more.

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