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Is Samsung about to launch a new smart speaker?

Samsung has never had a big reputation for its range of smart speakers. The newest device is the Samsung Galaxy Home Mini, announced in 2020, but only available in South Korea. Now, it appears that the company is retracing its steps, and is preparing to launch the Samsung Galaxy Home Mini 2.

Samsung: new smart speaker on the way?

The Galaxy Home Mini 2 was discovered in the database of SIG Bluetooth with model number SM-V320. The website also reveals that the device will leverage Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and its description identifies it as a device “SmartThings Home Hub“. Having obtained the certification, the hope is that Samsung will also launch the device globally without confining it to Korean territory as in the past.

The well-known insider thought about further confirming the imminent arrival of this smart speaker Max Jambor, with a dedicated post on Twitter. According to the insider Galaxy Home Mini 2 it would have already entered the production phase, an element that would indicate a rather imminent launch date, even if everything is still silent in that of Samsung, leaving us only with speculations.

Speaking of speculation, it cannot be ruled out that the speaker will be revealed during the Galaxy Unpacked event, which will take place this February. For the occasion, the company should also reveal the range Galaxy S22 e Tab 8, but it is realistic to imagine that there will also be a small space dedicated to this new smart speaker. Unfortunately we have no other information in this regard.

The wait won’t be long to know the truth, as we will only have to wait until February, which promises to be an incredibly busy month for the world of technology.

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