Is Samsung Multi Control inspired by Apple’s Universal Control?

Samsung Multi Control si ispira all'Universal Control di Apple? thumbnail

Samsung launched the Multi Control functionalitywhich he remembers very closely Apple’s Universal Control. In fact it becomes possible to connect a laptop and a tablet, using the latter as a second screen. With mice and keyboards used in common.

Samsung presents Multi Control, which seems inspired by Apple’s Universal Control

Samsung recently unveiled its line of laptop Galaxy Book2who work together with Galaxy Tab S8 to improve the productivity of those who have bought both. In fact, you can use tablets as second screens, even using the same peripherals.

Some commentators recently wrote that this feature “Obviously copy” Apple’s Universal Control, which you can use if you have macOS 12.3 and iPadOS 15.4. But you can’t patent a software feature: if Samsung’s developers had also taken a cue from the announcement of the feature at Apple’s WWDC last year, there would be technically nothing wrong. Tech companies take inspiration from each other continuously.

Either way, you can use the same ones trackpad o mouse to drag files from one screen to another, the same keyboard to write on both displays. A great convenience for those who work from home but still want to use a dual screen as with the dock station in the office.

Finding out whether Samsung engineers started working on this feature before or after Apple’s announcement doesn’t matter to whoever uses the feature. Indeed, we can cheer for many other manufacturers, possibly also between different operating systems. If one day we could use the iPad screen to extend that of a Windows PC it would be a welcome change for many.

But for now, we need to stay within the ecosystem, Be it Apple or Samsung.