Is the PlayStation 5 Pro coming out? We assess the situation

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The exit of the PlayStation 5 Pro continues to hold court in the discussions of video game fans, although Sony hasn’t made anything official yet. So between rumors, speculations and absolutely unconfirmed rumors, the gaming universe is trying to clear the fog around the dense mystery of thehypothetical exit of the PlayStation 5 Pro. In short, many hypotheses but very few certainties. So let’s try to clarify.

PlayStation 5 Pro: when will the release be announced?

The PlayStation 4 hit the market on November 15, 2013. Exactly three years laterSony released the PS 4 Pro, a slightly more powerful version of the PS4, with support for 4K graphics and general improvements to the operating system. It was an absolute novelty for the console, given that between PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 there has never been a Pro version (as indeed there hasn’t been between PS1 and PS2).

Three years therefore between the PS4 and the Pro version. Three years which, in the case of PS5, would expire in November. PlayStation 5 has in fact arrived on the market on November 12, 2020. Can we therefore expect the release of the PlayStation 5 Pro later this year? After all, a year-end launch would allow Sony to take advantage of the lucrative Christmas shopping season.

For now, this is also just speculation. Other rumors, which we told you about in March, believe that the console could arrive in 2024, while some others speculated that there will be no Pro version. According to this latest version, Sony would point directly to the sixth generation. A hypothesis, however, quite improbable in our opinion. Meanwhile Sony is great at keeping the secret and fueling the mystery.

What we expect from PlayStation 5 Pro: the features

If PS4 Pro had brought 4K to the fourth generation, we expect much more for PS5. The console already supports 4K and even allows, at least in theory, support for 8K (although the only game optimized for this resolution is The Touryst). The Pro version could then support 8K natively for a wider catalog of games or even introduce 8K upscaling on all titles. “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”, cantava John Lennon.

This isognant hypothesis obviously would involve a major hardware upgrade, especially from the point of view of the processor.

However, even if 8K is not guaranteed, PlayStation 5 Pro will surely have to guarantee some improvement from a graphic point of view (such as the 120fps stabilization for higher resolutions or ray tracing enhancement). Otherwise what Pro version would it be?

Other features that we hope will be implemented are:

  • Improve cooling system of the console
  • More internal storage space
  • Quick Resumea very popular feature on the new generation of Xbox, but which is currently absent on PS5

At what price?

Let’s get to the bad points: the cost. The launch of the Pro version is usually a way to bring in the new generation those who still play on the old. PlayStation 5 Pro is therefore not aimed at PS 5 owners, but at PS4 owners.

To make a guess on the cost we must once again take the PlayStation 4 and its Pro version as an example. PS4 cost $399 at launch. The PS4 Pro, which arrived three years later, cost the same (although the PS4 Slim, released a few months after the PS4 Pro, priced at $299, was in the middle).

PlayStation 4 5 Pro release price

It is very difficult for Sony to decide to release a PlayStation 5 Slim, but if so we can expect a cost of approx $399 per Slim digital $499 per PS5 Pro.

It is difficult to determine whether this will lead to a decrease in the prices of PlayStation 5 Standard, which is currently sold at $399 for the digital version and $499 for the disc version. Prices in dollars are roughly equivalent in euros.

We reiterate once again that what you find in this article are rumors and analyzes of what PS5 Pro could be. A project that Sony hasn’t even confirmed at the moment.

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