Gli Spiriti dell’Isola diventa un browser game in stile Pac-Man thumbnail

Island Spirits becomes a Pac-Man-style browser game

The Spirits of the Island becomes a Pac-Man style browser game thumbnail

Credit: Cogs & Marvel.

Just under a week ago it was in the running for 9 Academy Awards, but today it has become a browser game. Let’s talk about The Spirits of the Island (original title The Banshees Of Inisherin), acclaimed film directed by Martin McDonagh con Colin Farrell e Brendan Gleeson.

The game is called Banshees The Game and consists of an 8-bit adaptation created by Cogs & Marvel that closely resembles the iconic Pac-Man. The aim is to be able to lead the character of Colm Doherty (who is played by Gleeson in the film) to the pub, possibly with all 10 fingers of the hand.

Yes, because the narrow streets of the Irish countryside that lead to the inn are littered with the character’s severed fingers. You will therefore have to collect them all while avoiding the numerous pitfalls of the island. Among these there is also Dominic (the character played by Barry Keoghan), l’asina Jenny and Colin Farrell’s character who wants to know why his old friend doesn’t talk to him anymore.

The game is available for free via browser at this link.

How is Gli Spiriti dell’Isola: our review

Despite nine nominations, Island Spirits did not win any Academy Awards. However, the film was appreciated by both audiences and critics. In the review of our Lucia for we read:

“Even if it is geographically distant from the clashes, the island becomes the perfect and specular representation of the history of Ireland, the theater of the absurd where the quarrel between two friends becomes a fairy tale about the elimination of differences. What happens in Inisherin, the division between Padraic and Colm, mirrors what happens on the continent“.

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