Italian developers on Nintendo Switch at Indie World

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Nintendo e IIDEAthe Association that represents the video game industry in Italy, wanted to talk about how Italian developers find a way to tell unique stories on Nintendo Switch. All’Indie World – Italian Developers Summit, wanted to show the work of some independent developers. Speaking of their titles on Nintendo eShop.

Sviluppatori italiani, storytelling e Nintendo Switch all’Indie World – Italian Developers Summit

There are tons of ways to tell stories. But videogame storytelling offers the opportunity to make the decisions of those who play important. Something Italian players appreciate more and more. In Italy, videogames are valid 2 billion and 243 million euros. There are over 15 million gamers, who spend an average of 8.7 million lost in developer-created stories.

Starting from these data, summarized in the annual report Video games in Italy 2021, IIDEA he wanted to help Nintendo organize an event to talk about the Italian developers. Come back like this Indie World – Italian Developers Summit.

An event to showcase some of the most interesting Italian projects in the videogame field. In fact the reporter Fabrizia Malgieri interviewed Tommaso Loiacono of Cordens Interactive, Giacomo Masi of Stormind Games and Marco Agricola of Trinity Team.

Very Italian studios, which have created successful games such as Vesper: Zero Light, a visionary and mysterious adventure set in a decadent world. Full of traps and mysteries to solve. Or Batora: Lost Haven, action RPG in which you become a girl with enormous physical and mental powers. It’s still The Darkest Tales, 2D platform-vania that tells the adventures of Teddy, a teddy bear. That he will have to venture into the world of nightmares to find his mistress, Alicia.

All games you find on Nintendo eShop, which is five years after the release of the console continues to expand its selection of games for all tastes. With attractive offers: by purchasing digitally, you had the 5% of the amount spent as gold pointscoupons for next purchase.

With this event, Nintendo and IIDEA have given space to some interesting Italian realities. You can retrieve the transmission at the link below.