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Italki’s tips for learning a foreign language

A concept of foreign language studying process. A finger is pointing out the Unites Kingdom flag as a priority in choice of foreign languages. Green chalkboard background.

italki, a global language learning platform, has collected a series dadvice for all users motivated to learn a new language but they just don’t know where to start. In fact, with a few simple tricks it is possible to learn a foreign language online. italki challenges its users to become fluent in a language in 50 days.

Italki’s tips for learning a foreign language

The first tip is to set a realistic goal, choosing one specific thing at a time (improve pronunciation, enrich vocabulary etc.). Next, it will be necessary plan the study program, establishing the days and times to devote to learning each week. Also note that it is important choose a course available on the app, especially for the early stages of learning. With the italki app, for example, you can access the lessons at any time, always keeping an eye on your progress.

The latest tips for learning the language

Among italki’s advice is that of experience learning as a challenge. This is an effective and fun way to learn a language according to the app. italki offers a real challenge for its users with the aim of encouraging learning. The fifth tip is to put into practice what you have learned. The opportunity to practice the language is a very important plus for improving.

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