Italy among the countries with the lowest censorship on the internet

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L’Italia is confirmed among the nations with the lowest censorship on the internetaccording to the analysis on Proxyrack. Our country is on a par with United States, Brazil, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom and Francein a report that involved over 100,000 people online.

Italy among the countries in the world with less censorship on the internet

Proxyrack is a proxy service that allows you to surf safely and with the right privacy all over the world. He therefore has an interesting insight into what the freedom to surf the internet, often blocked by censorship, means. But not in Italy, which resulted among the Freer countries from this point of view.

In fact, in the research published at this address, our country is confirmed as one of those where web censorship affects the least. The censorship score, which evaluates various values ​​such as restrictions on social media and access to websites of all kinds, ranges from 1 to 11. Our country, stops at level 2, together with all the main European countries, the USA, Japan and Brazil.

By contrast, the country with the greatest censorship ever turns out to be China (11 out of 11), followed from Iran at 10. However, our country could improve for other parameters, such as the number of people online.

In fact, out of 100,000 people, only 86,000 Italians are online (compared to the first on the list, the United Kingdom, which has more than 99,000). The UK also has a higher Internet Freedom Scor (79 vs our 77). But it is above all the number of people on the internet that leaves us off the podium, where together with the UK there are Japan and Germany.

In other words, our gap with the very first remains above all technological rather than ideological: there is no Internet censorship in Italia come in UK, Japan, Germany, France and USA (which, however, have over 90,000 people online).

You can consult the Proxyrack list here.

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