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ITEK: the SHOWBUI series and the new SKETLIQ and EVOLIQ V2 presented

ITEK has recently presented the new series of SHOWBUI cases and the new ITEK SKETLIQ and EVOLIQ V2; the top for reliability, performance and silence

We begin the “hottest” and busiest season of the year for the IT sector! Here you go the great new entries that will officially be part of one of the most important product categories in the itek catalogue: gaming cases. Born to satisfy the continuous demand of users and their constant need for performance, versatility, space and ease of assembly in a single solution. Itek has developed the SHOWBUI series, two new cabinets with a simple and elegant design and high-level features.

 ITEK: the SHOWBUI series and the new SKETLIQ and EVOLIQ V2 presented

Details on the new ITEK SHOWBUI, SKETLIQ and EVOLIQ V2

ITEK presents its latest innovation in gaming cabinets with the SHOWBUI series, which offers elegant design and advanced features. The structure of SHOWBUI cases is designed to accommodate high-end hardware, such as latest generation video cards and liquid cooling systems up to 360mm. Their modern aesthetic is further accentuated by the latest generation “Infinity Mirror ARGB” fans, which offer optimal airflow and vibrant brightness.

Furthermore, ITEK has announced the expansion of its range of ARGB c liquid coolersupon the launch of the system SKETLIQ 240 and the new generation of the EVOLIQ 240 V2 series. Both models have been improved to offer superior performance and silence; with features like an ultra-quiet pump with ceramic bearings and a large copper baseplate for optimal heat dissipation.

Both the SKETLIQ and EVOLIQ liquid coolers They offer universal compatibility with Intel and AMD CPUs; they also feature an addressable RGB configuration for exceptional aesthetics. The EVOLIQ’s water block also swivels, allowing for easy installation on Intel and AMD platforms.

 ITEK: the SHOWBUI series and the new SKETLIQ and EVOLIQ V2 presented

Availability and price

All products are already available online and at authorized retailers, with the following retail prices:

  • SHOWBUI 45 Case: €115.00 (black) and €120.00 (white) VAT included.
  • EVOLIQ heatsink: €85.00 (black) and €99.00 (white) VAT included.
  • SKETLIQ heatsink: €89.00 VAT included.

And you? What do you think of these new ITEK products? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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