È ufficiale: Playstation ha acquisito Haven Studios thumbnail

It’s official: Playstation has acquired Haven Studios

It's official: Playstation has acquired Haven Studios thumbnail

With a message on Twitter, PlayStation ha confirmed today the agreement for the acquisition of Haven Studiosafter announcing the maneuver last March.

“It’s official! Agreement to acquire Haven closed. Welcome to the PlayStation Studios family, ”it reads in the tweet. Haven Studios hasn’t released its first game yet, but the industry veteran-led studio Jade Raymond. The latter has contributed to the creation of popular videogame franchises (above all Assassin’sCreed and WatchDogs).

Haven Studios is now owned by PlayStation – a new game on the way

Before the acquisition was officially announced, it was revealed that Haven is working with PlayStation on a “persistent and evolving online” title. This means that the acquisition will bring a new (and presumably important) video game to the Sony home console. We don’t really know much about this new title, but we can imagine it will be PlayStation exclusive.

In the announcement released in March, PlayStation wrote: “Jade Raymond comes to our family with a wealth of experience from her industry successes, as well as an infectious passion for creating games. The Haven team is also a group of industry veterans who have made some of the games most loved by video game enthusiasts ”.

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