È Africa dei Toto, ma in versione Minecraft thumbnail

It’s Toto’s Africa, but in a Minecraft version

Web creativity, especially in sandbox video games like Minecraft, has absolutely no boundaries. A called user Stacinator spent three months trying to recreate the iconic song Africa of the Totos on Minecraft. In doing so he practically re-recorded the song using the “block notes”, i.e. sounds that reflect the pixel style of the video game.

Not only that: once the musical part was composed, Stacinator decided to make an (un) official video clip. In this case the video has nothing to do with the official Toto clip released in 1982.

Here is Toto’s Africa in Minecraft version

“After 3 months I finally finished this project! Here’s a snippet of Toto’s Africa using note blocks and,” Stacinator enthused on Reddit.

The song obviously has no vocals, although Stacinator has included the melody played and the lyrics in the video. You can therefore create a real Minecraft Edition karaoke. Someone has already done it, as you can see and hear in the video below.

Africa is a song by Toto released in 1982, as a single from the album Toto IV. The song quickly became one of the group’s most successful songs and, eventually, one of the most popular songs in history. In the official video, directed by Steven Barronwe see the keyboardist of the band David Paich in a library with a young woman. Paich comes across a book called Africa which magically comes to life.

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