Jabra and Lenovo, together for the first complete Microsoft Teams Rooms system

Jabra e Lenovo, insieme per il primo sistema completo Microsoft Teams Rooms thumbnail

Jabra e Lenovo expand their collaboration to launch a complete meeting room system optimized for Microsoft Teams Rooms. With the kit Jabra PanaCast e Lenovo ThinkSmart Core Kityou have everything you need for smooth meetings, even remotely.

Jabra and Lenovo launch the first complete system for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Jabra Panacast 50 arrives as a Plu-and-Play solution with Microsoft-certified Teams Rooms software preloaded. Jabra’s hardware allows you one 180 degree view in 4K which makes hybrid work meetings simple, putting all participants at the center.

E ThinkSmart Core e il ThinkSmart Controller offer a 10.1 inch 10-point touch HD display to start meetings and control them better. A single button is all it takes to start everything.

Aurangzeb Khan, SVP di Intelligent Vision Systems di Jabraexplains, “We are delighted to combine the unique capabilities of PanaCast 50 with innovative solutions from Lenovo to equip offices with solutions that enable inclusive and interactive meetings for everyone, no matter where they are.”

Solutions such as Dynamic Composition, which allows you to keep track of who is speaking and show them in the foreground. This way, hybrid meetings won’t see a couple of panes for those connecting from home and space for only a dozen or so attendees in meeting rooms. Even those in the office will have a leading role to present their ideas.

It ThinkSmart Core offers a 11th Generation Intel® Core ™ vPro® processor and various intelligent features via the Controller. For example, it has infrared sensors that turn the system on or off when you enter the meeting room.

Everything you could want from a video meeting system. Find more information on Jabra Panacast to this address.