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Jack Dorsey will never be the CEO of Twitter again

Jack Dorsey is trying to disprove the rumors that they would like him again Twitter CEO once Elon Musk will have concluded the deal. Dorsey clearly states that she will never fill that role again. Let’s find out all the details together.

Jack Dorsey: “I will never be the CEO of Twitter again

Jack Dorsey recently tweeted “Nah, I’ll never be CEO again” in response to whom foresaw his return to the helm of the company which he co-founded. In another response, Dorsey also states that “nobody, in the end” should be the CEO of Twitter.

Dorsey has a controversial history with the role of Twitter leader. The company’s board of directors lo he fired from the role of CEO in 2008, just two years after he co-founded the company (although he remained in the board of directors).

Later, in 2015, he held the role of CEO; then, in 2020, a group of investors on Twitter’s board of directors decided to replace him. Investors have cited his little attention and the lack of innovation. However Dorsey managed to keep his job. In November 2021, however, he resigned for reasons not entirely clear.

After Dorsey’s farewell, Parag Agrawal took over the position of Twitter CEO. At this point, however, it appears that it won’t stay long. Elon Musk is intent on buy the company and the make it private – a story that began with his simple request to become a member of the board of directors, then retreat. According to some rumors, he will fill the role of Temporary CEO as soon as the deal is concluded.

But Musk is a busy person: he has to manage SpaceX e Tesla, so he is likely to want to find someone else to replace him. Many believed that Dorsey would go back to Twitter but it looks like Jack has hung up on his CEO role. Regarding this he finally declared: “The time has come to roll the dice again.”.

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