James Dyson Award 2022: here is the winner of the Italian edition

James Dyson Award 2022: svelato il vincitore dell'edizione italiana thumbnail

The prize James Dyson Award 2022 unveils the World Top 20 of this year’s inventions and, at the same time, announces the winner of the‘Italian edition of the review, the project Argo. Here are all the details:

James Dyson Award 2022: Argo wins the Italian edition

The competition dedicated to the “problem solvers” of the future rewards Argo, an invention that aims to increase the autonomy of swimmers with visual impairments, offering signals related to the turn and orientation in the pool through a system of vibrations. The project was developed in collaboration with a visually impaired swimmer.

The Italian version of James Dyson Award 2022 sees in second place L.B Dronea lifebuoy-drone that can be adapted and piloted remotely, and in third place VERB, multifunction walker for elderly people for home use. Argo now accesses the James Dyson Award 2022 international final round. On November 16th there will be the announcement of the winning project which will see a final award of 35,700 euros.

The motivations

The jury chose Argo on the basis of a careful analysis of the applications. Here are the reasons that led to the awarding of the prize:

“From the first reading of the candidate projects, Argo stood out for its value, as well as counting on an already advanced development phase. A simple and easy to implement idea to eliminate the obstacles that a blind swimmer may encounter when diving in the pool. A potentially hostile element like water defused by an object that sees, warns, protects: we have elected Argo the winner because it is a prosthesis that simplifies the life of those who cannot see and who need to go to the water. It is therefore useful for athletes, amateurs and also for those who have to go to the pool for rehabilitation or physiotherapy. Accustomed to a cell phone that also communicates by vibrating, the intuition of wearing a sensor that uses the same principle to give easily interpretable indications is excellent. “