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James Dyson Award 2023: here are the 20 best inventions in the world

The international phase of the James Dyson Award 2023, global recognition in the field of engineering and design that challenges students and recent graduates to create a project that solves a problem. The rose of 20 pioneering inventions was announced today and all inventors have the chance to become a global winner and receive 34.000 euro to support the next phases of their project.

James Dyson Award 2023: here are the projects presented

Students and young engineers around the world are living proof of how with a curious mind can push the boundaries of invention and create life-changing solutions.

The project selected by Türkiye, ForestGuard 2.0is a response to the devastating fire that students have seen tear the country apart since 2021. The invention, created by a team at Istanbul Bilgi University, uses satellite sensor technology to alert authorities at the first sign of a potential fire, in the hope of significantly reducing the risk in future years.

Meanwhile, a Singapore, the young inventor And Ian Siew, inspired by the difficulty with which he recovered following open heart surgery, decided to create a better solution. With expert advice from the National University Hospital of Singapore, he created a vest-like device for the post-operative rehabilitationwhich improves support for fusion of the sternum bone after surgery.

The Australian project REVinvented by Alexander Burton, hopes to reduce the Carbon Footprint of the transport industry, responsible for 20% of global emissions. Since purchasing electric vehicles has a high cost, he invented a retrofit kit that converts cars’ internal combustion engines into electric hybrids, significantly reducing the cost of greener transportation.

Sometimes, even the simplest ideas can have a significant global impact. In the Philippines, the young entrepreneur Jeremy DeLeon created Make-roscope, a simple keychain that turns a smartphone or tablet into a microscope. Improving access to laboratory instruments for students around the world can have enormous implications for the future generation of scientists, and the invention has already been used by over 3,000 Filipino students and teachers.

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James Dyson Award 2023: diversity of thought as a driver of creativity

Great ideas arise from diversity of thought and experience. The 14 Dyson engineers who make up the judging panel for this year’s Top 20 work across Dyson’s research and development centers in Singapore, the UK, Malaysia and the Philippines and specialize in engineering fields such as sustainability, electronics, manufacturing, acoustics and energy storage. They were joined by graduate students from the Dyson Institute of Engineering Technology to share their insights and challenge conventional design processes.

When the jury will announce the winners

The jury analyzed, discussed and examined all the national finalists and runners-up, coming together to select the best projects and create this year’s Top 20. The overall winners of the competition will be announced on November 15th.

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