Japanese YouTuber buys the Xbox Gucci for $ 10,000

YouTuber giapponese acquista la Xbox Gucci per 10000 dollari thumbnail

With over 10 million subscribers, Hikakin is Japan’s largest YouTuber. But this is not the only reason for its success. He recently bought the Gucci-designed Xbox Series S for $ 10,000. A rather unusual purchase, especially if we consider that it is not quite normal for a YouTuber of this caliber to have found himself buying the console. To this we must add, however, that Japan has always been a difficult market for Microsoft. So the fact that Hikakin himself has decided to buy the super expensive and almost out of range Gucci Xbox is a pretty strong sign.

Xbox Gucci: YouTuber Hikakin buys it at a cost of $ 10,000

When we broke the news of the launch of the Gucci branded Xbox, the public (fashion and otherwise) went into raptures. Although we all immediately thought that the price was excessive. Almost all of them. The Japanese YouTuber Hikakin, in fact, was willing to “shell out” 10,000 dollars to buy this exclusive version of the Xbox Series S. “I love Gucci”, said the Japanese in the unboxing video. Adding “I bought the Xbox in partnership with Gucci which recently made a sensation on social media!”.

Not surprisingly, the video shared by Hikakin does not contain any disclaimer referring to it as a paid promotion. And that only means one thing: The YouTuber paid for the Gucci Xbox. Indeed, perhaps that is precisely why the YouTuber enthusiastically showed the giant box in which the Microsoft console was delivered to his home. In the unboxing video, in fact, the Japanese shows himself wearing white gloves, ready to open the long-awaited package. The reaction is incredible. But we understand it. Perhaps we too would react in the same way having such a marvel in our hands.