John Carpenter ama Fallout  e Sonic ma trova Red Dead Redemption “troppo difficile” thumbnail

John Carpenter loves Fallout and Sonic but finds Red Dead Redemption “too difficult”

Who would have thought: John Carpenter loves video games, especially Fallout and Sonic. The legendary horror director has stated that he devotes a lot of his free time following basketball games and, in fact, playing video games.

Just Sonic would have been his first video game, as Carpenter himself told in an interview with the New Yorker. “I started playing in 1992, with Sonic the Hedgehog. I fell in love with it right away, ”said the director. “Then my son introduced me to other games, such as Halo.”

Not only Sonic: John Carpenter talks about Fallout 76 and Horizon Forbidden West

Carpenter said in the interview, “I’ve been playing this game for a while, it’s called Fallout 76. Fallout games are fun, with their own post-apocalyptic world. This game [Fallout 76, ndr] it had a difficult launch, with problems and bugs, but I like it a lot. And then there’s this amazing game called Horizon Forbidden West. Surprising game ”.

There was also discussion of Red Dead Redemption, a popular Rockstar Games franchise set in the old west, which worried Carpenter a lot. “I couldn’t get on that damn horse”, the director said, “so I gave up. It was too difficult. I’m pretty good at playing video games, but with that I was terrible. The controls weren’t intuitive, or at least they weren’t for me. But I guess everyone else enjoyed it. It was a popular game, ”she added.

The discussion then moved to the relationship between contemporary videogames, increasingly cinematic, and cinema. According to Carpenter, the videogame world “borrows many elements from the cinematic ones”. “Video games have not yet reached their full potential” commented the director, who also revealed that Halloween Ends it may not be the last film in the franchise.

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