Jungle Studio for Artists: l’app per chi vuole una carriera nella musica

Jungle Studio for Artists: the app for those who want a career in music

Have you always dreamed of a career in the world of music? The Jungle Studio for Artists app is the one for you to try to stand out and get noticed! Let’s see how it works

The new application “Jungle Studio for Artists”Is now available for all Android devices, soon also for iOS users! Let’s try to understand how it works and why it can help us get our career in the music world off the ground.

Jungle Studio for Artists: the app for those who want a career in music

Cos’è “Jungle Studio for Artists”?

“Jungle Studio for Artists” is the first app, for now available for Android, soon also for iOS users, for the growth of an artist! You will find promotions related to Spotify, TikTok, YouTube, TV, Radio and through the innovative method of Adversting board around Italy, one of the methods most used by the major Major and Record Labels.

It has never been easier for an artist promote their music and enter the music business immediately! Now just go to the Google Play Store, if you have an Android, and download “Jungle Studio for Artists”. You will immediately find yourself in front of the best promotion services on the Italian music market, complete with management of all the promotions made! The portal is constantly evolving! The web version is also available for everyone, accessible at this link.

Promotions for Spotify

Jungle Studio’s vast playlist network includes a set of 70+ playlists, targeted by genres, keywords and moods within the Spotify search algorithm. You will surely find the listeners you have been looking for for a long time! Stop spending money on fake plays that do nothing but ruin your artist profile! They really handle playlists of all genres: Pop, R&B, Rap, Trap, Urban, Raggae, Dance. Also if you follow this link you will immediately discover the playlists that are most suitable for your genre!

Promotions for TikTok

Through Jungle Studio it is possible to promote your music on TikTok, through their enorme team di Creators & Influencers, ready to generate a video about your song! How does the promotion of artists through TikTok work? Simple: it guarantees a minimum of videos, and a minimum of range in followers among the Creators who will make a video with your song. The promotion will go on until both results are achieved, and the main goal is to create a Trend and have TikTok users generate videos completely spontaneously!

Promotions for YouTube

The Jungle Studio team also helps you promote your videos on YouTube! They offer promotion services through Google ADS, through Video Reaction of their strongest partners, and through External Campaigns if your video has problems with Google ADS ads. They also manage the activations of the reference VEVO channels for artists, a real MUST if you want to explode your video within the algorithms!

Promotions on TV & Radio

Promote music on TV and in the main Italian radios, at a truly affordable cost, it is now possible! Thanks to the partnerships closed by the music video on Sky, TGCOM, Rai News, Leggo, or other national newspapers, and in the main Italian radios! Until a while ago, it was really complicated for an artist to look for each radio, send the related DEMOs, and wait for someone, maybe even days and days later, to answer! Same thing with Web Magazines, Web Portals, Newspapers! All that lost time, in which you could have closed who knows how many auditions or MASTERs. Here, forget all this with Jungle Studio: just think about your art, they will take care of the rest.

Promotions through advertising billboards around Italy

You’ve been seeing how many lately advertising billboards relating to music are they coming out among the Italian cities? This is the new method, implemented by the main Major and Record Labels, to promote an Instore, a Concert, an Event or even more simply a Music Release! If you are launching your single or album, we recommend that you go straight to the packs page, to discover all the services related to the promotion of music through billboards around Italy. They have a range throughout Italy, in every municipality, so you can decide with them which city best suits your musical style!

Beats & Lyrics directly in the App

With the “Jungle Studio for Artists” App you can listen to numerous beats, of all kinds and moods, write your texts and save them to keep them always at hand wherever you are and with any device!

Other studio services

Jungle Studio is not only an entirely Italian and young music promotion agency, but it is also a record label! Their team is made up of important figures in the creation of a musical product, that is, from producers, artists, graphic designers, videomakers. You will then be able to refer to them with regards to Registration services (if you are near Limbiate, in the province of Monza-Brianza), Mix & Master, Videos with and without DRONE, Graphics, Personalized Beats, shooting.

We understand that this application offers many opportunities, especially for emerging artists who struggle to find the right hooks or to pay a real marketing team. From the web and social section it’s all, keep following us!

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