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JVC HA-A30T review: great quality, small size

In this article we will test and review the new JVC HA-A30T earphones. New from JVC, as they represent the smallest earphones in the range, suitable for all types of activities

Today we are here to talk to you, after countless tests and tests, about the novelty of JVC, or the new earphones JVC HA-A30T (here to go to the product presentation article). This is the latest creation in terms of “small size” earphones, which while maintaining a typical physiognomy of the other creations, also offer pleasant innovations. So no more chatter, and I would say to go straight to the detailed description of these JVC headphones.

Some info and details

JVC (here for more info on the company) has expanded its range of TWC earphones by presenting the new Compact True Wireless HA-A30T with Active Noise Canceling. Although they are mid-range headphones, they perfectly manage to offer even higher levels of efficiency, comfort and style. In addition to being the smallest and lightest earphones in the range, the new HA-A30T they stand out for their ultra-thin and ergonomic design. As well as, for the a low latency for a truly immersive audio experience. Ultra powerful battery, fast charging, noise cancellation are just some of the features of these new earphones. The small size makes them ideal not only for smartworking, but also for gamers or sports enthusiasts. Available for purchase in various colors, at a not very excessive price (they are positioned in the mid-range).

Packaging and unboxing | JVC HA-A30T review

The packaging of the JVC HA-A30T earphones keeps some very small size and very light. On the packaging, all the key information is reported. From the name of the product (with relative image) to the components, with the technical specifications and the list of accessories included. Inside the package, we find the earphones embedded in a further box for protection from bumps and falls. These are stored in the small black case oval with the JVC branding printed on the top in gray. We also find the charging cable USB-C (they could do it a little bit longer), 3 different sizes of silicone ear pads, and obviously the user manual. Negative note, in my opinion, there is no adapter to charge the earphones in the power socket.

Technical features

  • Dimensions of the box: ‎15.2 x 9.9 x 5.2 cm
  • Additional features: Active noise cancellation with special earphone
  • Components included: ear pads, charging cable, charging case
  • Headphone shape: ‎in-ear
  • Cell composition of the battery / battery: lithium polymer
  • Type of connectors: wireless
  • Battery / rechargeable battery included: Yes
  • Item weight: 100 g

Audio quality | JVC HA-A30T review

Here we are at the most important factor, and that is the audio quality of these JVC HA-A30T earphones. After several tests, on the various platforms that can be used for smartworking, such as Skype, Zoom, Meet. And again on social networks and in simple phone calls (even outside and on the move), both from PC and smartphone, I can be largely satisfied. This is because the JVC HA-A30Ts do what they were made for really well. They guarantee high quality sound, comparable to that offered by even higher-end products. They reproduce a very pleasant sound because it is warm, full-bodied, clean, high and, above all, balanced with lows and highs present in the right measure. Excellent not only in calls, but for listening to any type of audio, especially music and movies.

Microphone and connectivity

The isolation from environmental noise, thanks to the’ANC, it’s not bad at all. They are stable in the ears (also thanks to the various sizes of the pads available in the package) even when doing sports. They allow good phone calls thanks to built-in microphones precise that always guarantee a stable and reliable connection. in fact, another positive aspect was the ease of connection with any device and operating system, using the Bluetooth 5.2. Negative note: there is no support for a high definition codec for playback. There is not even that AAC, a negative factor for headphones of a certain level. The codec used for playback is SBC, standard and basic.

Design and materials | JVC HA-A30T review

These JVC home earphones are (aesthetically speaking) really beautiful. The HA-A30Ts have a simple and elegant appearance, with that small protruding band that gives them that extra trait of uniqueness, (at least for the black color that is the one we could test). Even though they are so small, they feel really tough to the touch. Also, know they are water resistant allows you to use it even on the beach or in the pool without any worries. in addition, they are not glossy but matte black, so they hold little dirt and do not reflect fingerprints when you touch them. As already mentioned, they are certified to withstand splashes of water and sweat, which makes them excellent companions for sports. And, not least, they are very well built, including a charging case.


As with tablets and smartphones, even with earphones, autonomy depends on various factors. These can be connections / disconnections, audio volume, distance of use and use of the microphone. However, the JVC HA-A30T guarantee aautonomy top. With continuous use, we can reach around 8-9 real hours, while with active ANC it’s around 6-7 hours. Furthermore, we will be able to use the case, which is capable of guaranteeing others 21 hours of maximum autonomy. Fully charging the headset case takes about an hour and a half (in any case, the 10-minute quick charge guarantees up to 75 minutes of playback). Negative note: it does not have wireless charging, so the only way to recharge them is via the USB-C cable. In the package, however, there is no adapter to recharge them directly in the power outlet.

Conclusions and prices

In conclusion, after days of tests and various tests, I can say that theexperience with these new JVC HA-A30T went very well. One of the positives is the convenience. The small size makes you forget to wear them even after hours of use. Great sound, they have the active cancellation of background noise, are reliable and are aesthetically pleasing. Negative notes however, they do not support Fast Pair with Android smartphones, they do not support wireless charging, they do not support a high definition codec. Most importantly, they are not accompanied by an application.

Honestly, at the price at which they are sold, 94,99 euro, I would have expected all these shortcomings listed above. We are still talking about medium / high-end headphones, and therefore in my opinion they should guarantee a minimum of management to the user, such as the configuration of the touch touches to change the commands or the management and personalization through the app. For the quality shown, compared to these shortcomings, I think they should cost a little less. I remember the earphones JVC HA-A30T are available for purchase on Amazon in various colors.

And you? what do you think of these new JVC HA-A30T earphones? tell us yours below in the comments and stay connected on, for the latest news from the world of technology (and not only!).


Points in favor

  • Dimensions.
  • Audio quality.
  • Background noise cancellation.
  • Call quality.
  • Durable battery.
  • Fast charging.

Points against

  • The charging indicator in the case is missing.
  • Not customizable.
  • The app is missing.
  • No high definition codec.
  • No ricarica wireless.

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