JVC launches new OLED Premium TV in Europe

JVC has announced its new VO9100 premium series of 4K OLED Smart TVs for Europe.

Equipped with an image transposition worthy of a cinema screen, as well as multi-dimensional audio, the 55 ” and 65 ” 4K HDR OLED Smart TVs support a ultra-immersive visuals and a next-gen gaming experience, with advanced motion management and HDMI 2.1 configuration.

Designed to bring out a vibrant color tone, detailed definition and lighting for even the darkest scenes. OLED TVs offer an almost infinite contrast ratio, transforming their self-emitting pixels across the entire screen to illustrate a smudge-free, inkjet black. With advanced lighting control and contour, these Smart TVs are flawless in color fidelity, capable of capturing the true nature of them to give viewers an ultra-realistic view. It will be like watching the scenes live!

For high light scenes, as well as dark ones, TVs offer a stable, high-performance and bright HDR performance. with Dolby Vision support.

The scrolling of the images will be very fluid, even for watching sports programs up to action films full of frenetic scenes and full of explosions. We find a frequency equal to 100Hz / 120Hz, thus giving an elegant, fluid and highly defined look to moving images even in the most frenetic scenes.

This ultra-fast frame-rate system, come the configuration of the HDMI 2.1 TV, allows you to enjoy a high quality gaming experience, with 4K resolution and 100/120 FPS. With maximum performance, having a gameplay worthy of the next gen consoles and the best performing PCs.

Not only will these TVs allow you to play games in maximum quality, with increased performance, stable frame-rate and realism of the animations, but thanks to HDMI 2.1, Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), you will have more responsiveness times. as fast as possible. With AMML, they automatically enter Game mode to minimize input lag whenever the TV is connected to a console.

They also give an impressive audio experience, thanks to the integration of Dolby Atmos. With Dolby Atmos, these TVs will make you forget the speaker sound system coming exclusively from the left and right side of the screen, thus giving you total immersion of the screen audio.

System audio files can be nicely set up using an HDMI supported eARC portal to connect the TV to an external audio system, which can be controlled with the simple use of the TV remote control.

JVC launches new OLED Premium TV in Europe

The news does not end there for the new JVC OLEDs

Plus, the VO9100 series launches with a ton of extra imaging features. While 4K TVs feature ultra-sharp 4K resolution, they can also maximize the viewing experience for all other sub-4K SDR content, redefining images with higher 4K and optimizing contrast ratio with Micro Dimming.

Whatever your viewing preferences, with the JVC Linux-based Smart TV, endless entertainment modes are available. The large and diverse library of streaming apps includes everything from Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Twitch, Amazon Music, Now TV, and Infinity.

To browse the list in the library, the Smart TV can be connected to other devices. You can connect both Alexa and Google Assistant, as it is compatible with both systems. Just say the words “Hey Alexa” or “OK Google” and you will order your Smart TV what you want to watch.

Whatever you find and decide to watch, you can do it with the TV panel or thanks to the central stand, which will rest where it is most comfortable. The screen of your Smart TV will be so clean that, from whatever position you take, from whatever angle you decide to watch the TV series or movies of your choice, there will be no difference.

It is certainly the most up-to-date and most satisfying Smart TV for any eventuality. With OLED TV, you will get the most out of your TV or gaming entertainment experience.

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