Kahoot !: the app for learning also in Italy

In the wake of its great global success, from today Kahoot! offers all users the opportunity to use the mobile app in Italian, thus accessing a unique, engaging and effective learning experience

Kahoot !, the global platform for learning, announced some time ago the launch of its mobile app in Italian. From now on, users will be able to use the Kahoot! App, present live games, launch challenges and share or participate in the games in Italian and German, thus having access to a more intuitive experience in their language. Kahoot! CEO Eilert Hanoa said:

We at Kahoot! we really want to enable everyone to make the most of their learning potential, no matter where you live or what language you speak. We are delighted to expand our offer and thus offer our Italian users the opportunity to play in their language. To make the learning benefits of our platform more accessible and stimulating around the world, it is essential to allow users to use Kahoot! in different languages. For this, being able to offer the Kahoot mobile app! for free and in seven languages ​​is an enormous satisfaction, as well as being in line with our corporate mission: to allow all users, in every part of the world, to learn while having fun.

Since launching in 2013, Kahoot! has gone from being considered a mere school learning tool to most popular platform for bridging the gap between face-to-face and distance learning, favoring individual and home study, but also for use in different contexts, such as within corporate work teams, with family or friends, both live and online.

Kahoot !: the app for learning also in Italy

Kahoot !: an excellent ally for learning

Thanks to Kahoot !, teachers can render fun and engaging learning for their pupils, in the classroom or in a virtual classroom. In addition, students can complete the games at their own pace thanks to the Kahoot! Challenges, practice independently from home with flashcards or other study modalities, and even collaborate virtually with peers in study championships. Families and friends can find, create and play kahoot on any topic and suitable for any age, while companies can take advantage of Kahoot! to create interactive presentations, involve work teams with e-learning courses, during events and much more.

The Kahoot App Launch! in Italian it coincides with a crucial moment for education in Italy, in which teachers and students must find a balance in a hybrid learning context, as they are required to alternate periods in the classroom with periods of distance teaching. For this reason, having digital learning platforms available is even more necessary, so that students can continue learning, inside and outside the school walls. Kahoot! has already established itself as a learning support tool in Italy, with beyond 10 million active players in the last 12 months, including teachers, students and business teams who have used the platform in English. In fact, over 80,000 teachers and millions of participating students in the country have used Kahoot! over the past 12 months, as have thousands of companies.

Kahoot !: the app for learning also in Italy

The debut in Italy

Maria Rita Intrieri, teacher of art education in a secondary school in Rome, he has declared:

Kahoot !: a social and playful learning tool that involves, despite the physical distance, students through exciting challenges and stimulates them to self-analyze and improve their teaching performance. Now also accessible in Italian: what else?

The Kahoot app! in Italian will provide teachers, parents and students with the digital tools necessary for an effective and enjoyable learning experience in the language most familiar to them. The Kahoot app! it can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS, from Google Play for Android and from Huawei AppGallery, in Italian, English, Spanish, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese and Norwegian. In addition, children and students can devote themselves tolearning mathematics thanks to Kahoot! DragonBox Numbers, Kahoot! DragonBox Big Numbers, Kahoot! DragonBox Algebra 5+ and Kahoot! DragonBox Algebra 12+, now available in all seven languages. Kahoot app too! Poio Read, which helps children learn to read through play, will soon be available in Italian. Instead, for users who want to learn a new language through interactive visual elements and fun experiences, there is Drops: the suite of apps dedicated to learning foreign languages, part of the Kahoot! Family, and in turn available in iOS and Android. That’s all from the web and social section, keep following us!

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