Kainga Seeds of Civilization: new update available

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Green Man Gaming Publishing and the developer Erik Rempenthey announced that Home: Seeds of Civilizationthe videogame city builder roguelite, received its first free update since joining Steam Early Access. The update is called Trade and Travel and introduces a myriad of new content, such as new missions, new mechanics, but above all a new biome.

Kainga Seeds of Civilization: here is the new update

The update introduces a beautiful but very difficult new biome to approach – The Edges – and is packed with exciting new missions, challenges and technologies to explore. Trade and Travel also introduces the Ajowan Thinker, a completely unique Thinker that you can choose as the leader of your village as you strive to grow your civilization using updated relationships, trade, gifts and demand dynamics with surrounding villages.

Home: Seeds of Civilization will continue to evolve as new content updates are added during the Early Access phase. A road map highlighting some of these updates can be found on the Steamif you want to take a look to find out what content is coming.

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization is a roguelite city builder set in a world full of mystery and magic. Assuming the role of the Thinker, the village leader, you will need to adapt to the procedurally generated environment and make the right choices to allow your people and your village to thrive. The Thinker is responsible for transmitting the decisions and commands of the players to the people.

well the citizens are somehow expendable, if the Thinker falls, the game over arrives. Just like the chess king, they are weak and vulnerable and must be protected at all costs. Instead of following the usual city builder formula, Kainga: Seeds of Civilization focuses on short challenges, from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Each challenge is a fresh and diverse experience in a new location that still allows the player to progress between runs.