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Kaspersky investigation: users are concerned about online privacy

Kaspersky has realized regarding i services and at online platforms who have created major privacy issues for users. The survey was carried out using anonymous data voluntarily provided by Privacy Checker. The website in question offers useful advice on privacy settings for various Internet services and platforms. The data confirm that users are particularly concerned about the safety of the most popular mobile operating systems (21.2%). Also relevant is the concern for the Google’s level of privacy (18.3%).

The results of Kaspersky’s online privacy survey

Thanks to the anonymous data of Privacy Checker, Kaspersky’s survey highlighted which online services and platforms users have used the most instructions for security and privacy settings. Among the most “popular” we find Google settings on Android (11.1%), security rules for the Android operating system (7.3%) and WhatsApp settings on Android (5.9%).

Side social network, on the other hand, it is Facebook that leads the ranking with over 15% preceding Instagram, in second place with 9.9%, and TikTok, third with over 8%. Between messaging systems WhatsApp is of particular concern. The share of requests on the security policy was 13.9%. For more details on Privacy Checker you can consult the official site.

Kaspersky’s comment

Sergey Malenkovich, head of social media at Kaspersky, says: “Statistics from the Privacy Checker project show that users have begun to take an active interest in the privacy and security of their accounts and are trying to reduce their footprint wherever possible”

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