Kaspersky will collaborate with Airbiguity for OTA Smart Car updates

Kaspersky collaborerà con Airbiguity per gli aggiornamenti OTA delle app delle Smart Car thumbnail

Kaspersky announced theintegration of Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform with the over the air (OTA) software management platform of Airbiquity OTAmatic. This new collaboration will allow developers of electrical control unit applications using Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform to be able to make available to their respective customers OTA updates. In this way, thanks to the constant release of software updates remotely, developers will be able to maximize the security level of applications.

Kaspersky announces a partnership with Airbiguity

Thanks to this new partnership, Airbiguity will make available to Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform customers the opportunity to take advantage of a complete platform for management of software update campaigns. This system allows you to manage updates securely and completely via OTA. This is a very important agreement. With the growth of “smart cars”, in fact, the OTA market is expected to grow by 19%. Being able to benefit from secure tools for managing updates becomes a key factor for the future. For all the details on Kaspersky’s automotive platform you can consult the official site.

The company comment

Evgeniya Ponomareva, Senior Business Development Manager, KasperskyOS Business Unit di Kaspersky, ha dichiarato: “It is important for car manufacturers and component suppliers to meet emerging requirements and provide their customers with the most modern solutions in terms of functionality and, equally important in the case of the automotive industry, safety. This is also a priority for Kaspersky, which is why we try to find the best solutions to meet these needs. We have chosen Airbiquity as the most suitable integration partner after analyzing various alternatives ”.